This process has now closed. Successful applicants will be contacted by Council staff.


Wagga Wagga City Council is calling for Expressions of Interest for grazing licence(s) of up to five (5) years for various parcels of land owned by Council within the Local Government Area.

Persons interested in applying for a grazing licence must submit an Expression of Interest addressing the selection criteria. Applications can be made online via the submission form at the bottom of this page, or by submitting a hard copy to Council.

There are limitations on the use of the land, for example, the parcels cannot be used for growing crops and cannot be sub-let to other parties.

The licencee is also responsible for the upkeep of the land including maintaining fences and weed control in accordance with the Riverina Regional Strategic Weed Management Plan 2023-2027 (RRSWMP)

Submissions close Monday 20 May 2024, 5pm.

Available land





LAND SIZE (hectares)


Smith Street, FOREST HILL

Lot 1

DP 436168

3.24 ha


121 Narrung Street, WAGGA WAGGA

Lots 16-17

DP 7050

18.5 ha

Part Lots 18,19,21, 22 & 23

DP 7050

Lot 1

DP 703643

Lot 4

DP 787203

Lot 6

DP 848787


Part Moorong St, WAGGA WAGGA

Lot 1

DP 757249

24.0 ha

Lot 3

DP 701905

Lot 5

DP 828547


31 Boorooma Street, NORTH WAGGA

Lot 3

DP 855253

11.72 ha


2 & 22 Poiles Road, DOWNSIDE

Lot 1

DP 706039

2.07 ha

Lot 15

DP 855254


2 Horseshoe Road, CARTWRIGHTS HILL

Lot 3

DP 717409

3.7 ha


44 Wright Street, CARTWRIGHTS HILL

Lot 7

DP 2655

2.04 ha


216 Cooramin Street, NORTH WAGGA

Lot 1

DP 707289

7.46 ha

Lot 1

DP 701188


Cooramin Street, NORTH WAGGA

(Block A)

Lots 175-180

DP 751422

45.0 ha


Cooramin Street, NORTH WAGGA

(Block B - has water meter)

Lots 181-188

DP 751422

52.0 ha


Cooramin Street, NORTH WAGGA

(Block C)

Lot 2

DP 731371

50.0 ha

Lots 144-147

& Lot 149

DP 751422


212, 252 & 260 Eunony Bridge Road, NORTH WAGGA

Lots 20, 21 & 22

DP 1191286

3.35 ha


323 Eunony Bridge Road, NORTH WAGGA

Lot 19

DP 1191286

1.53 ha

Map of land locations

Selection Criteria

It is essential that applicants address each of the selection criteria listed below. The submissions will be used to select the successful applicant and failure to provide the specified information may result in elimination from the submission evaluation process.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. A grazing licence agreement of up to five (5) years will be entered into with the successful applicant;
  2. The rent amount agreed between the parties will be subject to an annual CPI rent review on the anniversary of the commencement date and will be paid in advance;
  3. Council may at it’s discretion, terminate the agreement or reduce the area of the Licensed Premises at any time, by providing twenty-eight (28) days written notice to the Licensee;
  4. The Licensee will be responsible for erecting, maintaining, replacing and/or repairing the fencing located on the Licensed Premises to a stock proof standard;
  5. The Licensee is not permitted to sub-let any part of the premises;
  6. The Licensee is not permitted to use the grazing land for cropping purposes;
  7. The Licensee agrees to implement weed control strategies as detailed in the Riverina Regional Strategic Weed Management Plan 2023-2027 (RRSWMP);
  8. The Licensee will hold public liability insurance in the amount of not less than $20 million noting “Wagga Wagga City Council” on the policy as an “interested party” and a copy of the policy will be provided to Council annually and/or upon request;
  9. A separate application is to be submitted for each parcel of grazing land;
  10. Failure to submit separate applications for individual land parcels may result in your application being excluded from the campaign.