UPDATE: On 22 August 2022, Council adopted planning proposal LEP21/0004 for Cleek St, Currawarna. Council will now progress the planning proposal through the finalisation stages with the Department of Planning and Environment.

Council is in receipt of a planning proposal (LEP21/0004) to reduce the minimum lot size of three lots on Cleek Street, Currawarna. The lots affected are:

  • Lot 146 DP750832 (46 Cleek Street, Currawarna)
  • Lot 145 DP750832 (60 Cleek Street, Currawarna)
  • Lot 144 DP750832 (15 Thomas Street, Currawarna)

The proposal is currently on public exhibition. Any individual, organisation or group can provide comment on the proposed amendment. Comments can be made in writing, either via letter, email or online submission.