Did you know there are more than 90 Council playgrounds in our suburbs and surrounding rural villages across the Wagga Wagga LGA?

They offer a range of different play opportunities for younger and older children, from local and suburban playgrounds to three regional level play spaces - Riverside Playground, Livvi’s Place at Bolton Park, the Adventure Playground at the Botanic Gardens, and Apex Park at Lake Albert.

Every time Council upgrades a playground we need the help of the kids that use them to make sure that the final design generates the most Fun Per Kid (FPK).

For more information, or to view the plans in detail, please contact John Conlan on 1300 292 442 or email playgrounds@wagga.nsw.gov.au

Visit our Playgrounds page on our website to see the locations of all the playgrounds in the Wagga Wagga LGA.

Community Consultation - Harris Road Playground

Voting has closed! See the results below.

Wagga Wagga City Council is planning a new playground and fitness equipment for residents located near the western end of Harris Road parkland in Gobbagombalin. Vote for which of the four options you would like to see chosen. We need your help in deciding which playground design is best for your neighbourhood.

Playground designs encourage play between younger and older children and incorporate exciting features that will add extra appeal to the neighbourhood. All designs have a picnic shelter and table setting. Fitness equipment will also be installed close to the new playground and a concrete path constructed to provide improved access from Muttama Parade to the new playground.

For further information please contact Wagga Wagga City Council’s Works and Playgrounds Officer John Conlan on 1300 292 442 or email playgrounds@wagga.nsw.gov.au.

Voting closes: 9pm, Sunday 26 May 2024

Harris Road Playground poll

Vote for which of the four playground design options you would like to see installed at the Harris Road Playground.

This poll has concluded.

  • Option 1
    47% (3766 votes)
  • Option 2
    48% (3818 votes)
  • Option 3
    5% (359 votes)
  • Option 4
    0% (27 votes)
Total Votes: 7970