Project Overview

Pine Gully Road was nominated as a national ‘Black Spot’ and will be upgraded to reduce the number of car accidents from the Old Narrandera Road intersection in the south to Estella Road in the north.

This project is currently in the design phase. We'll announce an information session once the design has been finalised.

The project includes the following works:

  • Design and reconstruction of pavements along the length of Pine Gully Road from Old Narrandera Road intersection to 150 metres north of its intersection with Estella Road (length – 1,972 metres)
  • Reconstruction of pavement along Old Narrandera Road from a point approximately 100m west of Olympic Highway intersection to Pine Gully Road intersection (length – 870 metres)
  • New road construction to extend Avocet Drive from the western end of Avocet Drive, west to Pine Gully Road. (Avocet Drive design and construction will be carried out by the developer.)
  • Establishment of sediment controls, drainage controls, boundary fencing and traffic controls
  • Relocation and protection of public utilities
  • Establishment of construction compound and stockpile sites
  • Landscaping of areas disturbed by construction and plantings for biodiversity impact mitigation
  • Measures to protect the native trees along Pine Gully and Narrandera Roads (of significant importance to the Indigenous community)
  • Property (land) acquisitions to widen the road, if required
  • Review of environmental factors
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Earthworks
  • Drainage
  • Road base
  • Sealing
  • Widening of Old Narrandera Road to incorporate a second westbound lane
  • Construction of the following four new intersections consisting of roundabouts and signalised traffic control, if required:
Location Treatment
Pine Gully Road / Estella Road intersection Roundabout
Pine Gully Road / Avocet Drive / Cootamundra Boulevard intersection Signalised intersection
Avocet Drive New road construction. (The developer will design and construct this road.)
Pine Gully Road / Muttama Parade intersection Roundabout
Pine Gully Road / Old Narrandera Road intersection Roundabout
Road between Estella Road along Pine Gully Road to Old Narrandera Road intersection and to the Olympic Highway Road reconstruction – 2,842m


The Pine Gully Road upgrade project is funded by Wagga Wagga City Council at a cost of $6.98 million.

Project Updates