Document Adopted

Council adopted the Community Net Zero Emissions 2050 Roadmap at the 20 November 2023 Council Meeting. You can read the adopted document on Council's Community Net Zero Emissions 2050 Roadmap page.


In April 2022 Wagga Wagga City Council committed to developing a Roadmap that outlines how the Community can look to achieve the endorsed NSW targets of net zero emissions by 2050, and what Council’s role in this would be.

This draft document is not a policy or a basis for consideration for future fees, charges or planning documents, rather the Roadmap is a guide only.

The public exhibition period finished on 22 September 2023 and staff began to examine the feedback that was received by community members. The next step is to report on the exhibition, including the feedback received, and report back to Council.

Council thanks all community members that read and provided feedback.

Small changes = big impact

The goal of net zero refers to reaching an equal balance between the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere and the amount that is absorbed.

To reach net zero within our local government area, there are certain actions community members can participate in to reduce emissions. This document is a guide that identifies a number of pathways community members can choose to engage with, while also allowing the opportunity to provide feedback on the further development of the Roadmap.

On the path to net zero

Council established a Community Net Zero Forum of representatives from the community, local business, agriculture, and various state government agencies.

Through this forum and months of wider community consultation, the Draft Net Zero Emissions Community Roadmap was developed and presented to Council and endorsed to go on Public Exhibition.

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