Gregadoo Road, located between Plumpton and Mitchell Roads, is part of a strategic east-west link in the southern part of the city joining southern suburbs and provides access to several residents, educational institutions, businesses and the Gregadoo Waste Management Centre.

The poor condition of the existing Gregadoo Road between Plumpton Road and Plunkett Drive has created drainage, flood and traffic management risk issues that require remedial attention.

As such, this part of the road will be designed and constructed in Stage 1 of the overall remediation and reconstruction of Gregadoo Road.

The works will be carried out in the following two stages:

  • Stage 1 – from approximately 140 metres East of intersection with Plunkett Drive to the intersection with Plumpton Road
  • Stage 2 – Remainder of the road up to the intersection with Mitchell Road to be completed based on budget allocations.

Project Elements

This project includes the following works:

  • Detailed design
  • Construction and commissioning of rehabilitated pavements along a length of Gregadoo Road between Plumpton Road and approximately 140 meters east of Plunkett Drive, including intersection treatments at Plumpton Road and at Plunkett Drive, drainage system, sediment controls, drainage controls, boundary fencing and traffic controls
  • Gregadoo Road improvements from Plumpton Road to Plunkett Drive intersection to accommodate various turning movements
  • Property acquisitions to widen the road
  • Review of Environmental Factors including AHMS investigation
  • Relocation and protection of public utilities within the road reserve
  • Landscaping of areas disturbed by construction and plantings for biodiversity impact mitigation
  • Establishment of construction compound and stockpile sites.


This project is funded by Federal Government ($1.2 million) under the R2R program and Wagga Wagga City Council ($3.5 million) under the Fit for Future program.

Project Updates