Project Overview

The Dunns Road upgrade project - completed in March 2024 - aimed to seal 3.3km from the Olympic Highway intersection heading east towards the Holbrook Road intersection.

The road began as an unsealed 'goat track' that serviced local farmland. Over time, and as the surrounding area was developed, Dunns Road became a popular short cut for people heading to southern Wagga Wagga.

Unfortunately the original road was narrow, undulating and unsealed. As the traffic volumes increased, accidents began occurring at a disproportionate rate to the traffic volume using the road.

Prior to the completed upgrade, a 2018 traffic count confirmed that 331 vehicles used the road daily at the western end of the existing sub divisional development.

Moving forward, the revitalised road and related infrastructure has now created a traffic space designed to safely accommodate 1,000 vehicles per day.

The project was comprised of three key components:

  • Sealing the unsealed section of Dunns Road;
  • An upgrade of the Olympic Highway/Dunns Road intersection; and
  • Construction of a roundabout at the Holbrook Road/ Dunns Road intersection.


  • A safer and more direct route to the southern suburbs of Wagga Wagga residential area, to the airport and to major sporting and recreational facilities from the Olympic Highway.
  • The new roundabout installed at the Holbrook Road and Dunns Road intersection - along with the reduced speed limit to 60 km per hour on both Dunns Road and Lloyd Road (urban sections only) - has been specifically designed to increase safety at the intersection, especially on approach to Holbrook Road.
  • Improved traffic flow to and from the outlying townships of Uranquinty, The Rock and the Australian Army base at Kapooka.


The project was funded by the Australian Government ($5.8 million) and Wagga Wagga City Council ($2.5 million).


The project consisted of three stages covering two major intersection upgrades and the replacement and reconstruction of a considerable portion of the road.

Stage 1: Dunns Road Reconstruction and Sealing: COMPLETED

  • This 3.3 km sealed section is now complete with recent line marking.
  • Guard rail safety barriers, signpost and guide post installation has been completed.
  • Access to this section will remain closed until the roundabout installation at Holbrook Road is completed.

Stage 2: Olympic Highway Intersection: COMPLETED

  • This stage of the project is now complete other than some lighting works and formal adoption by Transport for NSW.
  • This road will remain closed until the roundabout is completed at the Holbrook Road intersection.

Stage 3: Dunns Road x Holbrook Road roundabout construction: COMPLETED

  • The roundabout construction at the intersection of Dunns Road and the Holbrook Road has commenced.
  • Preliminary site clearing, surrounding stormwater drainage and associated earthworks are complete.
  • The construction phase of the roundabout is now underway.

Project Updates