As a Roads Authority, Council has responsibility for managing and approving the naming and renaming of public/private roads within the Wagga Wagga City Council Local Government Area under its control. The processes to be followed are largely outlined in the Roads Regulation 2018 and the Geographical Names Board of New South Wales (GNB) ‘NSW Address Policy and User Manual’.

Council receives numerous road naming and renaming requests every year from members of the public. These requests range from formalising long used unofficial road names, the naming of unnamed roads (including roads identified only by an engineering road number), as well as requests to change existing road names. Road naming requests are also generated internally from within Council.

Council also has a role in suburb and locality naming. All parts of the Local Government Area have a suburb or locality name. From time to time, names of suburbs and localities need to change, such as to distinguish a new urban suburb from surrounding rural land, to remove duplicate locality names with other localities in New South Wales, and to rectify matters of confusion or impracticality. Whilst suburbs and localities are formally named by the GNB, the GNB will not generally proceed with a suburb or locality naming/renaming request without Council support.

Document Adopted:

Council adopted the DRAFT - Parks Naming Policy (POL 055) at the 9 October 2023 Ordinary Council Meeting.

You can find the newly adopted document on the Council Policies page on our website.