The NSW Parliament has passed new public interest disclosures (PID) legislation which makes a number of changes to the PID framework which will require Council to implement a number of changes to its policy, training and awareness activities. To assist agencies in the transition to the PID Act 2022, the NSW Ombudsman prepared a new model public interest disclosure policy (which Council’s revised draft policy is based on).

Council’s new policy captures the model policy and also provides for a more detailed explanation around the core components such as corrupt conduct, maladministration, the serious and substantial waste of public money, contravention of the GIPA Act or Local Government Pecuniary Interest contravention by the Council as provided for in the NSW Ombudsman’s Guidelines.

Document Adopted:

Council adopted the DRAFT - Public Interest Disclosure Policy (POL 097) at the 11 December 2023 Ordinary Council Meeting.

You can find the newly adopted document on the Council Policies page on our website.