The Wagga Wagga Special Activation Precincts (SAP) is one of four areas in regional NSW where planning and investment combine to boost jobs. These identified areas are delivered by the NSW Government's Regional Growth NSW Development Corporation (RGDC).

In the Wagga Wagga SAP, RGDC will deliver a range of local infrastructure to support development. While the Government has committed significant funding towards delivering this infrastructure, available funding will not deliver all of the projected needs.

To address this, RGDC approached Council with a proposal to increase the Section 7.12 contribution in the Wagga Wagga SAP area by 2%. This contribution is based on 2% of the construction costs of development in the SAP and will be paid by developers. It will be allocated to funding the local infrastructure required to support the development.

The proposal is described in the draft Appendix G of the Wagga Wagga Local Infrastructure Contributions Plan, which is on public exhibition until 26 July 2024.

Open for submissions

The is on public exhibition from 28 June 2024 until 26 July 2024.