The Active Travel Plan Stage 1 project has 10 links, shared bicycle and pedestrian paths. The project commenced in 2018 starting with planning, budgeting and design work with construction commencing in mid-2019. The Wagga Wagga Local Infrastructure Contributions Plan 2019 – 2034 identified funding of $1,454,138 for the Implementation the $13,206,991 project. This is listed as project TT26 in the Plan.

A significant portion of project has been completed, with a majority of the remaining works to be completed being on the Forest Hill link. The project has provided pedestrian and cycling linkages within neighbourhoods and across the city.

The current budget remaining for project is $1,621,488. The estimated cost of implementing the remainder of the active travel links is $3,039,969. Therefore, there is a shortfall of $1,418,481. This shortfall is the result on significant cost escalation within the construction sector since the original project inception in 2018.

To fund the remaining sections of the project, it is proposed to reduce the Section 7.11 funding allocated to shared paths and footpath projects around the city. A portion of these shared path and footpath project have been delivered under the active travel project.

The draft Addendum to the Local Infrastructure Contributions Plan 2019 -2034 for Active Travel was on public exhibition from Friday 17 May 2024 until Friday 28 June 2024. Submissions are now closed.